Editing Service Tiers

We can edit manuscripts, cover letters, grants, applications, and more.  We are pleased to offer two tiers of editing:

Basic Proofreading: English language editing with an eye for proper use of grammar, punctuation, tense, and spelling. This is a general proofreading service tier that will give you a professionally polished document. Limited back-and-forth communication between author and editor, usually upon initial contact and then once project is completed.
* This option recommended for projects requiring only minimal proof-reading.


Premium Editing: All of the above plus substantive editing for clarity, flow, structure and organization, including journal-specific formatting. Examples could include:

  • Removing redundant content (including extraneous words/phrases to reduce character count)
  • Rearrangement as necessary to improve flow and linkage between sentences and paragraphs 
  • Improving sentence structure to maximize readability without compromising content
  • Highlight areas of the manuscript that might benefit from expansion
  • Ensuring consistency between text and figures
  • Suggest places where citations should be added

With our Premium Service, we will edit your document to accurately and concisely communicate your science.  Unlimited back-and-forth communication (customer support) as needed to explain rationale behind changes, to clarify intent, and ensure preservation of meaning. 

* Both service tiers will include an Editing Certificate which can be included with your submitted manuscript as verification for journal editors that the English language in your paper has been reviewed and is publication-quality.

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